Analytical Testing Facility, LPG Analysis, Dissolve Gas Analysis in Transformer Oil, Total Sulphur Analysis, Pesticides and Heavy Metals, Analysis of Permanent Gases..



Analysis Capability Nature of Sample
Natural Gas.C1 to C40. Including N2,He,Co2 GC/Capillary (Asper ASTM1945) Gas
LPG. C1 to Butane Isomers.  GC/Capillary (Asper UOP 403) Gas
Dissolve Gases in Transformer oil In PPM. GC/ Capillary As per ASTM 3612 OIL
Refrigeration Gases Purity And Impurities in % and PPM. GC /Capillary Gas
Halon Testing in %. GC /Capillary Gas
Pyrolysis gas Analysis in % and PPM. GC /Capillary Gas
CBM Gas Analysis in % and PPM. GC /Capillary Gas
Bio Gas Analysis In % and PPM. GC /Capillary Gas
Alcohols in % or ppm. GC/Capillary Liquid
Alcohols in rum/Beers Etc. GC/Capillary Liquid
C,H,N,S  in oil or solvent. Elemental  
Water in Gases ,Liquid ,and solid. Coulometric Gas, Solid, Liquid
Bio-diesel analysis. GC/Capillary Liquid
Sulphur in Liquid Sample. As per ASTM 5453  Liquid
Sulphur in Hydrocarbon Gases like NG,LPG, gasoline. GC/Capillary Gas
CO ,CO2 and Hydrocarbons in All permantant Gases CO,CO2 In HC's. GC /Capillary with Methaniser Gas
fame Analysis GC/Capillary Liquid
H2S In Furnace Oil GC/Capillary or IP 570 Liquid


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